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This site may be helpful to those having difficulty with the Essay portion of the CBEST. It looks like it may be a good resource.

Keep in mind that Longsdale Publishing’s “CBEST Online Course and Practice Tests” is a great deal that includes the ability to write a sample essay, send it for evaluation, and receive a reply with helpful feedback.


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Interesting Thread about Becoming a High School Teacher

I thought this thread was interesting and it may be helpful to anyone with ambitions of becoming a high school teacher. The CBEST and CSET are both mentioned in the thread.

You can read the entire thread here.

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Thoughts on Computer Administered CBEST

This may be helpful to someone considering the computer administered CBEST.

I just took the CBEST via computer at a testing center. The nice part is that I have my unofficial scores (they gave me a printout right after I finished the exam) 52 reading, 65 math, writing unknown. I personally liked taking it on computer. I could go back to any parts of the test at anytime during the testing period. In this internet age, the computer felt more ‘natural.’

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CBEST: Reporting to the Test Site

Because the CBEST examination is so critical to the development of teachers in California and Oregon, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed to ensure that all the testing is carried out in a fair environment that is suitable to all the candidates that take the test.

Standardizing how all the candidates report to the test site is just one of the ways that the administrators of the CBEST examinations ensure the veracity of the results. All these candidates will be given a test ticket that will have some important information on it that will include your test site, test date and reporting time. You should also be aware that the testing times in both California and Oregon is 8 a.m. and that most of the sessions will end between 12:45 and 1:15 p.m.

The administrators suggest that you dress comfortable in layers. In this way you’ll be able to add or subtract as the weather dictates. As well, the administrators suggest that you wear soft soles of shoes so that there is not any unnecessary noise in any of the examination rooms. Water bottles are also allowed into the examination rooms under tightly controlled conditions.

Because of the serious nature of these examinations, extra security measures might also be in place. In addition to these extra measures, the California CBEST examinations only allow screened persons into the test site. Unfortunately, if you do not go through the entire screening procedure you will not be allowed into the test site.

There is also a very strict late arrival policy that makes it essential for you to show up at the designated area at the time indicated on your admission ticket. If you are late for whatever reason you might not be allowed into the examination at all, and you will certainly not be allowed any extra time if you do manage to gain entrance.

Late arrivals that are not admitted to the examination will not be given any extra credit or refund. It will be their responsibility to report for the examination at a later date at their own cost.

However, if it becomes necessary to cancel one of the CBEST tests due to a natural disaster of some description, the notice will be posted at the CBEST website. In the event that the test needs to be canceled completely, you will be advised by either e-mail or snail mail as to when the rescheduled event will take place.

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The CBEST Reading Examination

California isn’t this the only state with a set of rigid examinations dealing specifically with candidates who wish to be teachers in their educational system, but the CBEST examinations in that state are some of the best that can be found anywhere in the United States.

These examinations deal with several serious areas of academic study but one of the more important ones deals with the candidate’s ability to understand and communicate effectively using the English language. To that end, one of the more comprehensive tests in the CBEST arsenal deals with a person’s specific ability to read and understand English.

Like the mathematical portion of the examinations, the reading evaluations are divided up into two subsections—critical analysis and evaluation, and comprehension and research. It should be stressed to anyone considering taking any of these examinations that the scores are not pitted against other candidates and the whole process is in no way a contest. All the results from all the candidates are measured against a series of benchmarks and taking one of any of the available pretest courses will help the candidate identify any areas they need to work on.

So the reading portion of the examination is not designed to be especially difficult or challenging, but only to show the administrators that the person taking the test is able to comprehend basic ideas in the body of the text or manuscript. At first the candidates will be asked to compare and contrast ideas from various sources and then they will be quizzed on the various viewpoints from the source material.

It is important that candidates be able to recognize viewpoint and attitude and the ways that various authors express them. Those taking the test will also be asked to decide if certain arguments presented in the reading material are relevant or not to the overall reading section.

There is also a section testing research and reference skills. There, candidates will be asked to demonstrate their ability to use various indexes like a table of contents to locate certain information in a book. They will also be given a certain quotation or piece of information and then asked to locate it in the source material.

It’s important that all the candidates familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations that test administrators will adhere to. For example, no recording devices of any kind are allowed in the test rooms on the day of the examination and visits by relatives or friends during the course of the tests are strictly controlled and in many cases even prohibited.

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Registering for the CBEST

While it’s important that you prepare adequately for the CBEST exam, and that you get as much pre-test experience as possible so that you can identify any problem areas before you take the actual test, it’s also essential that you register properly and understand the rules and regulations before going to taking the actual examinations.

Even before you start studying, you’ll need to take a look at several things and one of the first of these are your registration options. Because the examination is run under a set of strict guidelines, it’s important all candidates make sure they know what is exactly expected of them, how to get to the test site on time with the necessary information, and what they can and cannot bring. The first step in this process is registering and to do that you’ll need to select one of several options.

The very first thing you’ll need to do is take a look at the test dates that are available. One of the best ways to do this is online but administrators caution that all Internet registrations need to be completed by 5 p.m. Pacific time on the deadline date. There are more traditional methods available as well.

Telephone registration is possible for late and emergency periods only. Again, you must call by 5 p.m. Pacific Time on the deadline date. One of the other things that you’ll need to do to ensure that you’ve registered properly for the CBEST examination is select an area to take the test. It is recommended that you select the area when you register. Keep in mind that the specific site that you wind up with will be determined by availability. It should also be noted that there are a number of out-of-state test areas that will be available during the month of April only.

There are a number of things to have with you when registering for the CBEST test. These includes the name that appears on your government issued identification, your address, the United States Social Security number that is required for Internet registration and email address if you’re going to register online. Remember to check the list of things that you can and can’t bring to the examinations as well. A complete list can be found online at For more information on preparing for the CBEST contact Longsdale Publishing.

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CBEST: Grading The Teachers

Although we can all think of many areas in society where there is a need for uniformity in testing applicants to make sure that only the best get through, teaching is one of those areas where everyone will be able to agree that only the most qualified should pass any type of entrance examination.

And that’s the reason for the CBEST examination in the state of California. In the state that’s taken the lead in a variety of issues the promote the well being of its citizens, the CBEST was developed so that the people who want to become teachers in the state can prove in an impartial way that they are best suited for the job of educating California’s youngsters.

And in the tradition of being helpful, there have been several companies that have sprung up to help people with any of the difficult areas that they may experience. Longsdale Publishing is one of the companies that is committed to helping these applicants gain a full understanding of the elements that they’ll need to pass these exams and one of the biggest areas on the tests has to do with reading and comprehension.

As anyone might expect, there are several areas to the test and they all cover their subjects in fair depth. Still, the Reading section is one of the areas where the people at Longsdale Publishing have focused some of their efforts for good reason. There are three sections that are covered here.

The first of these is the critical analysis and evaluation section where the candidate is asked to compare different selections and the information presented in them. Here the important thing is to recognize the tone and the intent of the author in relation to their chosen subject. The next section of the test that the experts at Longsdale Publishing have designed some help with is the comprehension and context area. Here, the applicants are asked to identify the differences in the general ideas from several different selections.

The final part of the Reading section of the CBEST test asks those taking the test to differentiate between their research and reference skills.  The good people at Longsdale Publishing are committed to supplying those wishing to take the CBEST test the best in study guides and practice tests so that they can best identify and work on their weak spots before the actual exam.

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