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CBEST Reading Help at Longsdale

Reading and writing are the fundamental ways teachers communicate with their students. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the California Board of Education has mandated a test that evaluates how prospects for teaching positions in California do at these very important fundamental skills. Those who are familiar with the educational system in that state will also be familiar with the CBEST examination. The CBEST tests an individual’s ability to read and write in a comprehensive manner.

The CBEST is a test that determines who gets to teach in the state of California, and so it is taken very seriously by all concerned. In fact, there are those in the community who are even willing to help the candidates by supplying study guides and mock tests that can show the candidates where they need to improve. One of the companies that does this the best is Longsdale Publishing. This company offers what is considered to be one of the finest online prep courses available on the Internet or in print.

The official CBEST reading test is quite comprehensive. It covers three major skill areas as well as a number of the subsections. Longsdale Publishing’s provides an extensive outline detailing each of these sections and what the student can expect to be quizzed on. For example, the Critical Analysis and Evaluation section covers a wide range of topics including the ability to distinguish between facts and opinions in a reading selection. In the Research and Reference Skills section, students are asked about the use of tables of contents, section headings, as well as how to find sections of the book to locate information.

The Context and Comprehension section asks that the students be able to identify the relationships between general and specific ideas and a reading section, as well as to be able to arrange the ideas in a reading section into an outline or another form of graphic organization. Longsdale’s online study guide enables the students to have many practice sessions with the types of questions and situations they will encounter on the real test. In this atmosphere, they can go back as many times as they like to review sections and take sample tests.


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Thumbprinting at the CBEST Test Site and Other Rules

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is divided into three sections, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics and was designed to test these skills in those hoping to find employment as an educator. As such there are some stringent regulations surrounding the CBEST test, and these measures include tightened security to ensure the CBEST exam is held under only the best circumstances. These measures are not meant to imply that the respondents who take the test are in any way trying to give inaccurate or misleading information. This latest technique implemented is to help the new thumb printing procedure ensure that the people who have taken the time to prepare for the test get to the proper locations.

In addition, there are other things the hopefuls should bring to the test site to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Among these items are your admission ticket and at least two sharpened No. 2 pencils since these will not be supplied at the test site. Each respondent will also need to bring the proper identification to the site to help speed in the intake process along. It is extremely important that the respondents bring the proper identification because not doing so could slow the process down and even result in a shortened testing time.

This is where the thumbprint comes into play. Anyone who wishes to take the CBEST test will be required at this point to provide a thumb print and those who do not will be restricted from taking the CBEST exam and unfortunately no refund will be given. Along with the thumbprint, all applicants will need to submit one piece of current government issued documentation that bears a photograph and signature.

It should also be noted that some kinds of government issued documents are not acceptable. These include student and employee identification cards and draft classification and credit cards. The CBEST exam takes every precaution to ensure that these documents are not used as identification at the test site due to the possibility of misuse.

Still, some people don’t always have the necessary documentation. There’s a procedure for that as well. Bring an accurate photograph of yourself and go to the Information Table where you will complete an identification form. After that, you have nine days to present the proper identification and your test results will be held so you won’t be able to access your scores online.

These procedures and requirements have been designed with the best environment possible for all those taking the CBEST test in mind. The strict nature of these precautions at each test site ensures that all the participants are processed through the procedure efficiently. Everyone planning on taking the CBEST exam should become well acquainted with the procedures and rules that you’ll need to follow on and during the test to ensure there are no costly time delays that could result in a shortened testing time that could adversely affect your test scores.

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CBEST Test Site Rules

Of course, those applying to take the CBEST exam and hopefully move on to a career in the teaching field will be no strangers to rules. In fact, if they are successful in becoming teachers themselves, adherence to a set of rules will be something they will undoubtedly expect from their students. So the test site rules for the CBEST test are understandably strict to ensure that everyone taking the test starts out and remains on a level playing field in a safe comfortable environment.

The first of these rules is one most of us are already used to. In fact the prohibition of smoking and the use of all tobacco products during the CBEST exam has become so commonplace in all other areas of society that it should come as no surprise at all that they’re banned at the test site.

Visitors are also restricted from entering to visit subjects as they take the CBEST exam and there are several obvious reasons for this. Relatives, children and friends at the site could very well cause a distraction to the others who are taking the CBEST exam even if they are attempting to be well behaved and quiet. Children especially can cause a lot of noise in an otherwise quiet environment without even meaning to. There is also the concern that some of the less trustworthy applicants might have some relative or friend try and sneak some manner of information in for them.

There are also a variety of electronic devices that are prohibited from use at the CBEST test site and these are banned for fairly obvious reasons. Perhaps because some applicants would do almost anything to pass the CBEST exam and feel they lack the proper credentials to do it on their own, calculators are prohibited as are cell phones and a host of other electronic media that includes pagers, computers, removable storage devices and any photographic or recording devices.

Along these same lines, there are a host of printed materials that are prohibited from the CBEST test site. These include dictionaries, textbooks, notebooks and any kind of scratch paper. It should be easy to see why these materials would be banned as they possibly constitute another method of cheating on the CBEST exam.

For less nefarious reasons food and drink are also strictly controlled at the CBEST exam site. Water bottles may be allowed in the testing room, provided they are clear, do not have a label, have a secure lid, and are stored under your seat, not on your desk, during testing.

Finally, there are to be no aids brought into the CBEST exam. The type of items suggested here include devices to aid in translation and slide rules and such. The administrators don’t want the applicants to have any artificial advantages when they take the CBEST test.

For the official “Test Site Rules” visit the official California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) Web Site.

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like CBEST Math?

Many CBEST test takers are struggling to pass the mathematics category. In fact, some education students need only to pass CBEST so that they can proceed to the teaching profession. Some can easily pass the reading and writing tests but they find CBEST math very difficult to hurdle. Well, CBEST math is definitely the most challenging category in the whole CBEST exams. If you lack superior skills or a bit rusty in solving math problems, you should exert extra effort in refreshing your math skills.

First, try to get hold of CBEST math reviewers. These resource materials are available in book or pamphlet forms and are generally available in some bookstores or online bookshops. When buying one, always look for the copyright edition and grab those that are very recent. CBEST math questions are constantly changing and being upgraded, so some books or references may be outdated already. Study the problems contained in books and find out how the solutions were made.

Second, you can select online CBEST math courses from the Internet. These tools are always upgraded and correspond to the current versions of CBEST exams. Online CBEST math courses contains voluminous reference materials and sample test questions. You can practice as much as you need to by using these programs. This will allow you to grasp the test dynamics of CBEST math category. Search for the best online programs and try the ones you find useful. After your trial period, you can buy the software so that you can utilize its full features.

Third, you can employ a CBEST tutor if you’re still having trouble dealing with CBEST math problems. You can enroll in a review center that allows individual tutoring or you can get an online CBEST tutor. Tutors can provide invaluable assistance in guiding you to solve some of the most difficult CBEST math problems.

Fourth, you can look for comprehensive CBEST math test questions from the internet and start practicing. Some websites that provide CBEST software also provide free test questions. Print those questionnaires and start sharpening your problem solving skills.

Fifth, do not push yourself too hard. Try to relax a bit and don’t be pressured while preparing for the CBEST exam. Some test takers usually know the answers to the questions but because of stress and pressures, they fall into what experts refer to as mental block. Just practice constantly and be very optimistic that you will pass the CBEST exam. A relaxed mind and body could be the solution to your CBEST exam problems.

There are no fixed solutions and methods in passing the CBEST exam. You can try several ways of preparing for the exams. The CBEST exam can be difficult for some but always remember that it’s not impossible.

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Understanding CBEST Exam Can Help You Pass

CBEST or the California Basic Educational Skills Test evaluates the basic ability of educators in reading, mathematics and writing skills. It was designed by California education agencies and educators to meet employment and credentialing standards required by existing laws. Just like any other professional test, expect that the CBEST exam will be quite difficult. Remember though that even if the exams are demanding, it is not insurmountable. With proper preparation and good techniques, you can easily hurdle even the most difficult questions of the CBEST exam.

You should know that CBEST exam is divided into three categories; reading skills and comprehension, solving mathematical problems, and writing ability. According to CBEST exam developers, every educator must possess competent skills in these areas. Competence in reading, math and writing ability is essential in order to be an effective educator. So when preparing for the CBEST exam, you need to focus on these categories. Grasping the essence of each topic areas could be very helpful in reducing pressures during the exams.

The reading part of CBEST exam will determine your skill in making critical evaluation and concrete analysis. You will be given reading exercises like excerpts or passages from a book and short tracts and essays. Questions will be based on those readings so you really should understand the contents of reading exercises. No outside learning or knowledge is necessary. All you need to do is to grasp the main topic of the readings, determine the arguments presented, and find out the sub topics. If you can do this, answering CBEST exam questions would be easy. Of course every exam is time-limited so be very conscious of the time allotted for each CBEST exam question and answer it as fast as possible.

The mathematics section of CBEST exam will measure your ability in problem solving, basic measurement, estimation, statistical rules, and understanding graphs. You will be asked to do mathematical operations in order to answer the questions. Problems are presented in written format so you should sift through the information and calculate answers demanded by the CBEST exam. You better review also on basic American standards of measurements in order to solve measurement problems. You will also do statistical operations and some items will present graphs. You have to find out the numbers from the graphs to solve statistical problems.

Some find the writing category to be the easiest part of CBEST exam. Writing tests are essay types so you will be asked to compose a written exposition for two main topics. First you will be asked to write about your experiences and the next topic would demand your explanation or arguments on an idea or situation. You must write clear and concise essays and be very careful about your grammar and spellings. The test seeks to determine your ability to create prose that reflects your analytical skills.

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When should I take the CBEST?

The CBEST must be passed before entering a credential program in California. Although students can take the CBEST anytime, it is recommended that the exam be taken soon after passing freshman composition and college-level mathematics courses. You can learn more about the CBEST at

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